18 July 2009

Happy Birthday, GlobalRaverBlogspot!

This blog completed one year of existence this July 2009. Thank you all! It has been quite interesting to see the project evolving in content and audience, as I monitor progress with a metric application.

About 5,000 people from 83 countries have visited GlobalRaverBlogspot in this first year. Though the majority are accidental hits, about 1,000 people are regular visitors interested in global electronica issues. These are modest figures when compared to mass media blogs, yet these numbers are on the rise!

I'll say more about you, your cities and interests in posts to come. This time around I list the most popular posts after a year of blogging:

1st) Pac Man. This is a regular hit about the famous urban legend involving a Nintendo executive's quote about how ravers resemble the pill-obsessive behavior of Pac Man. Video games are indeed popular among ravers.

2nd) Silent Raves. That's the new iPod-based crowd phenomena, which I contrast with synchronized Walkman parties. Again, a very young segment of readers reaching my blog through goggling "iPod".

3rd) Hippies in India. In that post I discussed the beginnings of the hippie scene in Goa. Why Goa? Check it out. The post is still there!

4th) First Hippie in Goa. If combined with the 3rd place, hippies in India would be the top issue in the blog. For a reason, a good chunk of my readers are Indians interested in how global cultures (from beatniks to psytrance music) have landed in the country of Gandhi.

5th) Joe Biden and Rave Law. This one became a big hit during the U.S. Presidential elections, as I discuss how Obama's Vice-President authored a lousy law criminalizing any rave-related concerts in America.

Thanks again for reading my blog regularly! Stay tuned for more posts reviewing this first year of GlobalRaverBlogspot...


  1. Happy Birthday GRB. I have been following your blog quietly. Like your short articles, so keep on blogging. What service are you using to track visitors?

  2. Thanks! Please email me in private and will let you know. Cheers, TT

  3. Happy Birthday Global Raver Blog! I love your blog, interesting "social commentary", and always look forward to more! Jean

  4. Curious that Pacman and ipod are top in a blog about rave. Happy birthday anyways.

  5. Happy Birthday GR. Cheers from Kent (UK). Rupert.