01 August 2009

Cities that read Global Raver

Below is a ranking of the cities that have read Global Raver during this first year. I expected that London and Chicago, plus Indian, Australian and European cities would rank high, but I was a bit surprised to see Calgary being number 1 (Thanks Calgary!). The urban photo beside is of Calgary.

Most names that made the list are truly Global Cities. This just comes to show that rave and club cultures are the strongest in the most dynamic, cosmopolitan and sophisticated sites of contemporary culture.

1. Calgary
2. London
3. Chicago
4. Bangalore
5. Berlin
6. Mumbai
7. New York
8. San Francisco
9. Sydney
10. Denver
11. Dublin
12. Los Angeles
13. Melbourne
14. Paris
15. New Delhi
16. Chennai
17. Auckland
18. Pitsburgh
19. Cologne
20. Helsinki


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. greetings from Athens too..


  3. NY and SF #7 and 8?... Hmm, OK!...