03 July 2009

How to Find a "Rave Party"

People often ask how they can find rave parties in their towns. I've come across this situation when visiting new scenes in Europe, India or California. I recently saw the question at Yahoo Answers, and decided to organize my practical advice to newbies and travelers alike:

The best way to find out about secret parties is to know someone who belongs to the scene. Usually someone at school is a rave fan. But you need to be discreet when asking around. There is a negative prejudice against raves, specially in America. Moreover, even rave insiders are wary of the term, which became a tacky designation these days, an indication of naive outsiders and poly-drug abuse.

Instead, ask for "underground parties" that play "techno" or "electronic dance" music "kind of rave". It does not hurt to perform a bit blase' ("cool"), to suggest that you are already a bit of an insider, just from a different city or scene...

Another way to connect with a local rave/club scene is to ask to junior DJs at mainstream clubs, or record aficionados browsing in record stores. Those kids handing out fliers outside main clubs can also be very helpful sometimes. As you see, this may take some investigative efforts, which, in itself, is already part of the fun.

Finally, there are a few websites dedicated to rave parties. They may contain hidden links to calendars organized by region. Google them, and carefully look for very discreet links placed at the margins of the website. Remember, too, that ravers typically drive hundreds of miles just to get to a good party. So, if you don't know the local scene, make sure to gather some information about if the party is any good before going. In these situations, better go with friends, so you feel more comfortable.

More importantly, party safe. Rave culture is a wonderful space to meet really nice people and to have a great time. But, as a site of experimentation and liberation, people often get out of control. As such, "make freedom your foundation, through the mastery of yourself." (Socrates)


  1. that's really cool. a bit generic but helpful. got the spirit.

  2. Hi there! If you want to know about Rave parties in sardinia, Italy, goto www.myspace.com/arsenicorramdj
    and look for news...
    one more rave in few days!!!

  3. Thanks, very useful.

  4. Anyone know about Indiana?

  5. could you please list some of the websites? Thank you

  6. How about in New York, Long Island, Uniondale

  7. i have a rave song on utube called 'molly' off the 'north of yesterday' cd. go to utube or spotify to listen 100% free.