11 August 2008

Letter to Journalists vacationing in Ibiza

News about Ibiza's club scene are often written by outside journalists on vacation. Off work, their initial plan is just to relax. However, they soon realize that the island's party frenzy is easy material for a one-off piece, then sent to their employer in some big city.

These articles are typical. The style is upbeat yet rushed. They start with vague notes on mass tourism and mega-clubs, then zooming on anecdotes about party tourists, annoyed residents, and official authorities. To note, Pacha is the only club that these mainstream journalists seem to attend: "the best club on the island", so they believe.

I sometimes respond to these articles. Below is a letter I recently wrote to a Chicago Tribune journalist. Based in Italy, she was apparently vacationing on La Isla Blanca (- Italy literally shuts in August due to collective vacation...).

"Nice article, Christine,

I lived on the island for several years, and can say that your letter is very accurate in showing this specific side of Ibiza. Yet, you only describe one scene of the island: mainstream clubbing. You letter says nothing about "real" underground clubbing, or the hippie scene, the trance parties in the countryside, the expat scene, the eco-organic scene, etc...

That's understandable. Islanders tell outside journalists to go to Pacha, renowned for attracting celebrities and models. But, in fact, Pacha is not the favorite club among native and global clubbers, who prefer wilder venues at Space, Amnesia, or DC-10. These clubs can indeed be a tad overwhelming, if you are not used to that.

Thanks for the letter. I love the expressions you use. (They remind me of my conversations with expats).

In sum, Pacha is not the best club in Ibiza. And clubbing is not the only thing on the island for natives and expatriate residents - and, mind you, not even for tourists. As a matter of fact, according to different estimates, only 15% of tourists fall in the clubbing category...

If interested in more details, please check my book on Ibiza expats, global clubbing and tourism titled "Global Nomads" (Routledge 2007). I also have a blog about global dance music scenes: <http://globalraver.blogspot.com/>


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  1. i see that pic on mags about ibiza a lot, and would like to know because its beautiful. i wish i was there.