04 August 2008

Laser Blinds at a Trance Festival in Moscow

Following a psytrance festival in Moscow last month, about 30 people sought treatment in the city hospitals with injuries to their eyes. The diagnosis was the same for all victims: retinal hemorrhage. Though most victims recovered their sight, some of them will suffer partial permanent loss.

According to a participant, "
When I was hospitalized, the loss of eyesight was 70 percent. It is 30 percent after the hospital and the eyesight will never restore." Other victims have already actioned the police and consumer rights authorities to investigate the case.

The trance festival Aquamarine is promoted by the Cosmic Connection. According to crew member DJ Sashi: "the laser show was ordered from a firm that has all safety certificates, but the firm responsible for the laser delivered the program with the beams descending sometimes." In any case, the team has already decided never again to use lasers in their parties.

This is very unfortunate. I recall my own experiences. In Es Paradis, a top nightclub in Ibiza, I regularly witnessed stroboscopic lights being used forcefully for periods of over 30 seconds. I've seen similar situations at clubs in Rio de Janeiro. Clearly, some countries - such as USA and UK - have stricter regulation concerning lights, comparatively to other countries like Spain or Brazil.

Wherever and whoever you are - promoter or dancer - watch out for those powerful lights. Make sure that this is a pleasant, beautiful and safe experience, to be seen many times over again...

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