05 May 2009

Bar 25: Disco Cabaret in Berlin

The greatest attraction in Berlin's club scene these days is Bar 25, self-fashioned as an “entertainment park for grown-ups”. Comprising a nightclub, cabaret, restaurant and hotel by the river Spree, Bar 25 is renowned for its uber-eccentric multi-day parties spearheaded by an arts collective who resides in the property. Mixing 80s, house and minimal Techno, its dance floor has seen DJs such as Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos. Opened in 2004, it regularly attracts 2,000 plus revellers who line up outside, against the venue's 400 maximum capacity. The door staff is thus very selective in picking the most upbeat, eccentric and accessorized people from the crowd. For veteran Ibiza clubbers, Bar 25 may resemble a mix of open-air Amnesia and VIP Manumission Candy Bar...

For a taste of Bar 25, check out this video and the lyrics below:

"12345und20" (The Bar 25 Song)

Rough translation from German
(- thanks to dr0fn0nothing at “The Shituationist Institute”!):

The doctor said I am crazy and I have to go to a hospital in Danzig
But I only listened to a bit to techno at Bar 25
The doctor prescribed me some pills I shall take every day
But I stayed with the old ones, because I simply like them better

1 2 3 the sauna is burning, party party no one sleeps
1 2 3 4 5 and 20 no i will not go to Danzig!

The doctor said I am senile and I have to go to the lake for a cure
But I am only partying a bit too much in my garden at the river Spree
The doctor said that I need structure, a clear line, if you know what I mean
And he’s right, the only problem is that the therapy is pretty exhausting

1 2 3 are you also hartz 4*? All is right but the piano
1 2 3 4 5 and sex, with my girl OK but not in my car
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 where has the last gone?
1 2 3 4 5 and 20 no i will not go to Danzig!

The doctor said I am crazy and I have to go to a hospital in Danzig
But I only listened to a bit to techno at Bar 25

*Hartz 4: unemployment benefit that forces the person to take hard jobs, technical training, and relocation to cheaper locations.


  1. hhhmmm, the greatest attraction?
    i wouldn't agree.
    maybe for those not really into music, as the "dancefloor" is packed with a soundsystem comparable to the one in a living room - at the best! actually, most people will listen to music in their living rooms at a higher volume as the one at bar25...
    and the music itself? the usual clicki-clacki tech-house you would hear in any of berlin's clubs or outdoor locations.
    so if you care rather about music itself and not so much about stylish people then stick with berghain/panoramabar, tresor, maria or the multitude of small clubs, like horst or tape, really caring about music.
    well, but if you are into getting badly drugged join the hippsters at bar25 - as i guess this is the main attraction there!

  2. Thanks Paulek - I understand your point. Manumission was not about music either but more about a mix of entertainment, performance and debauchery. Though, Hawtin and Villalobos do suggest that music at Bar25 can be good indeed. Cheers! TT

  3. hi tony. well, you're rght. entertainment in a very broad :-) sense - that's what you wil get at bar25 for sure!
    hhhmmm.... villalobos and hawtin, well, well, i don't know?!?! have a nice weekend! p