16 July 2008

The Global Raver Manifesto

"If I can't dance, it is not my revolution."

This space starts as an experiment. For years I'd spam friends with striking news about rave, club, techno and trance music. (I'll call all this electronica, for the lack of a better term). These materials were unusual enough to make us think - at least from the peculiar viewpoint of global countercultures.

Like many in the scene, I always asked what is the meaning of electronica - if any. After attending the craziest event or downloading the latest tune, one may ask: beyond celebration and hedonism, what else is there to be mode deeply learned from electronic dance culture?

Yet, a lack of discussion about electronica is clear on the Internet. Club and rave websites feature nifty networking and visual devices (party announcements, music reviews, and beautiful photos). On the end of the spectrum, the mainstream press portrays electronica very superficially at best, and most commonly, with negative articles that feed on public fears.

We must go beyond endless celebration and ignorant bashing. In this space I explore rave/club cultures in their social, political, cultural and spiritual dimensions. I am not a DJ or promoter, but have experienced different dance scenes around the world (mostly, Ibiza, Goa, Chicago, Rio, Barcelona). As an additional twist, I am academically trained to investigate dance subcultures, put under the microscope of social sciences...

This space is to inform and entertain you, as well as to engage and provoke you. On my side, while fond of underground elitism, I am open to mainstream populism. Although progressive, I am also realistic in regards to the virtues and limits of electronica. I want license to discuss any topic that promotes creative thinking, insight, liberation...

You are welcome to share your ideas. Feel free to use the comment area, or email me. I hope you come back soon.


  1. This is a good start! There is no point in helping just 100 people with the email system, when a good blog can reach thousands. I also have blogs, in fact 4, and 5 online communities I post to. I am exhausted! Good luck Tony!

  2. The Fixer - Thanks a lot! I'm glad your like my idea. You have lots of blog experience, and I hope to learn with you. Come back soon to check the news... TT